First Times

While thinking about what to write for my first blog my mind wandered, as it often does, to other first times in my life. The first time I smelled the salty breeze coming off the ocean. My first free-throw attempt in an actual game during my freshman year of high school. The first time I crossed the finish line of a triathlon. My first kiss, bicycle, guitar…the list could go on and on.

What I determined these all have in common is the exhilaration that is inherent in it being the first time I did, saw or felt something. Think about the first time you did anything. There’s the anticipation that builds up before it happens. The energy and feelings while experiencing it. Then the lasting memory of it being a first time. All first times are special once-in-a-lifetime events!

Sadly, I then realized that these first time experiences have become few and far between. As a child I experienced first times daily. Everything about my surroundings was new and exciting. I explored every inch of my world. My parents, as I’m sure all parents do, oohed and ahhed over my first tooth, first word, first steps, first day of school…we all have so many firsts as a child. However, over time I’ve experienced so many things and the world around me has lost much of the wonder it once held. I’ve settled into the daily grind of a “career” and it seems the stimuli in my daily life are dwindling away.

I now search for new activities, new friends, new places to go in order to add some excitement back into my life. It could be something as simple as driving a new route to work, going to a different Starbuck’s a block away from my usual one, trying a new taco shop or doing what I’m doing right this minute. Blogging.

This quest for newness has just become my blogging goal. To do something new and different. To share the random thoughts I normally keep to myself that keep me awake at night. And perhaps, through exploring and sharing these thoughts here, I will discover the amazing people and places I know are still out there to be found!


2 thoughts on “First Times

  1. Wow – great writing!

    You gotta come out with Jenn and I sometime. Somehow, even after three years, we never get old.

    In any case, I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Hey Baby Face Buckley,
    Very profound indeed for a blog. Keep the “deepness” coming. You know I need a little more mental stimulation that an 18-month-old can offer at times (yea, I know, I can’t believe how much time has passed either!) Also, we’re always ready for a house guest, especially me when it’s a fellow American in Godzone. Late Feb is the very best time to visit NZ since it’s the height of summer. You’re almost assured perfect weather…and that’s when the best wine and food festivals are on as well! If you can, plan on the 3rd week of Feb! And, this is weird, but I dreamt about you in about 3 different dreams in the past week. So, good to hear from you today. Take care, say “Howdy” to the peeps when you see them, and hug my Momma for me…I sure miss home. XXX


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