Construction Worker

Today I spent the afternoon helping a buddy (see post titled The 4 Levels of Friendship) with some construction work on his house. This friend has been slowly remodeling, one room at a time. The poor guy’s been working on his bedroom for several months now and has been sleeping on the couch. I figured the least I could do is lend a hand, along with my limited handyman knowledge, to speed up the process.

Surprisingly, my construction skills, although mainly learned by watching TLC, Discovery Channel and HGTV, are quite good. I actually started out a month ago by helping him install drywall, which was a first for me. Several hours and we were able to take the space from just a skeleton frame to something that actually resembled a room. My friend proceeded on his own over the last few weeks to mud and tape, sand, mud again and texture the walls and ceiling. Today we installed crown moldings, baseboards and door and window trim. All that’s left to do is paint, install some carpet and my buddy can finally sleep in his bed again!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with your own hands, a few tools, and years of watching home shows on television. The experience was satisfying to me. To work on a project and at the end of the day be able to step back and say, “Look at what I made.” It’s a completely different feeling than finishing a report to submit to your boss at the office.

I’ve found a new level of respect for construction workers and trade persons in all industries. What’s next may be a new career for me. All I need is a hard hat, a tool belt, a big truck and a cooler of ice-cold beers to chug at the end of a hard day’s work.


3 thoughts on “Construction Worker

  1. You are welcome to borrow my tool belt. But, you’d be hard pressed for Tex to give you his ice cold ales after a hard slog at the coal face. Good job, Bob The Builder could always use a 2IC!

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