First Date Since…

This coming Saturday I will be going on my first date since…I can’t even remember when?  Wow! I’ve been single again now for 1 year and 8 months and haven’t been on a single date. How sad is that? In my own defense, I was coming out of a close to 6 year relationship. Anyhow…

This particular date came about in an odd and what I feel was a somewhat inappropriate manner. If you’ve followed my tweets on you may remember one about a week ago regarding my boss pressuring me to bring a certain female coworker to the company holiday party. Well, it’s happening this Saturday.

After my boss repeatedly suggested I take D (won’t use her full name, just in case) as my guest, and I ignored him while pondering making the call to HR, he approached her and offered up my guest ticket. This was followed by a slightly awkward moment (at least on my end) as she rushed into my office and exclaimed that we were apparently dating now. Mind you, I was in a meeting with two of my employees at the time. We had a brief discussion about the date and time of the holiday party and then it was back to my meeting.

The remainder of the day, and the next, D jokingly referred to me as her new boyfriend. Can you say stalker? Just kidding. Luckily, in the little time I’ve had to get to know her (she’s only been with the company for about two months), we’ve found some common interests, she’s genuinely a good person and I’m sure we’ll have a fun time.

As weird as this whole situation is, I’m actually looking forward to the date. It’s been so long since I’ve had a reason to get my car washed, shine my shoes and dress up to go out. I’ve been trying to get back on the dating scene for a bit now and maybe I just needed a little help. Maybe I should be thanking my boss for this shove back into the dating world instead of hovering my finger over HR’s phone number (which, by the way, I’ve added to speed dial).


2 thoughts on “First Date Since…

  1. Thanks Cass. Luckily with D I feel very comfortable and can be myself. I usually get nervous and shy around attractive women. D and I hit it off at the holiday party, we exchanged numbers and have been talking often. We even have plans for a 2nd date (a date that’s not a date b/c officially we can’t date due to work).

    In the end, my boss may be a true match-maker! Guess I can take HR off of speed dial now.

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