A Simpler Time

This evening I was reflecting back on a simpler time. Specifically my high school years. The reason for this trip down memory lane is the movie Superbad, which I watched tonight with some friends. For anyone who hasn’t seen seen the movie, the plot, like 99% of movies about high school kids, is about their quest to score alcohol and get laid.

Those were the good ‘ole days. School was a breeze. I didn’t have a job. No bills to pay. College was still a few years off. Back then, my biggest worry was finding a ride to some party and trying to convince a friend’s older sibling to purchase a 12-pack of Miller High Life or Zimas for us. A big party would be the talk of the school for the entire week leading up to it. I’d spend more time devising strategies to score booze, than I ever did on homework. And believe it or not, I was one of the good kids! Straight A’s and all!

As messed up as high school was and is for the majority of kids, myself included, with all of its cliques and senseless dramatics, it was still a simpler time. The simplicity of essentially having only one thing to do is what I miss. Now there seem to be endless responsibilities and tasks. My “to-do” list never gets any shorter. Each time I cross something off, I remember two others I need to add.

Ultimately though, each of us decide how simple or complex our lives become. My career replaced school so there’s my one main thing. Everything else I’ve chosen to do is additional. I can take on as many projects as I want or stop at any point. Simplicity can still be found in life, I just need to slow down and choose to do a little bit less so I can enjoy it a whole lot more.


3 thoughts on “A Simpler Time

  1. Wow.. I was such an awkward geek in high school, I think life is much simpler now that I’m starting to get a clue about who I really am. It would be nice to get off work every day at 3 p.m., though – I do miss that

  2. I was a complete nerd, and a dork, in high school. I just didn’t realize it back then so it never mattered. Now I embrace my dorkiness. It’s part of who I am.

    I do agree with you about finding oneself now and in doing so simplifing things again. It’s just such a hectic ride and often felt like there was no end in sight.

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