The Long Drive

I recently found myself daydreaming during most of my drive home for Christmas. You might think I was being unsafe or careless, but I’m quite effective at driving while thinking of other things.

This has always been the case for me on long drives. My mind wanders as the monotony of the highway passes by. The rythmic thump-thumping of the road sends me off to another place. It’s almost like meditation. Of course I still notice when the car in front of me slams on their brakes for no apparent reason and I always respond with the appropriate cursing. But then it’s right back into my thoughts.

This trip home my mind wandered from the present to the future. Sort of a 5-year planning session. Where my career is hopefully going, paying off my debt, finally getting West Coast Tri from paper to reality and buying a home. On the personal side, wondering which of my friends will stick around and who will have flaked, will I find and be able to hold onto love, how my family will change and will my dad still be alive to share it.

After three hours of driving and daydreaming I arrived home feeling calm and relaxed. The thoughts that I usually ignore and bury because I’m too busy and stressed to deal with them finally had a chance to work themselves out. I now find myself feeling happier, more relaxed and simply more like myself than I have recently.

I may need to start making more frequent road trips to clear my mind. And for now, sorry environment, my sanity comes first. Hybrid car soon to follow?


2 thoughts on “The Long Drive

  1. There are some wicked drives here in New Zealand. And, because this is a very remote and rugged country, just getting to the next bog city will take you on an adventure of winding roads, one-lane bridges that serve two-way roads, and more clear blue sky than the wandering mind could being to fathom. I am a big day dreamer, and think that sorting out what we want for ourseleves, if even on a long drive or during a long run, etc. is good for the soul. I think you’ll be amazed by where you are in 5 years!!!

    P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GIFTS!!! I will call ASAP and send photos of Chelsea reading her new book. Did I tell you ducks are her favorite animal, or did you just get lucky on that one? We love the frame! You’re too much, Mr. Buckley.

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