Corporate Pawn: Part 2

Another week has come and gone. I’m in the same place at work with the same problems. Yet now I have a new perspective and a fresh outlook.

Last Monday, my DM and RVP were supposed to visit my club. It was going to be my opportunity to ask the big questions that had been on my mind and hopefully get some straight answers. Specifically in regards to status of the manager trainee program so I can hire and train a replacement for myself in order for them to allow me to be promoted (their condition). To no surprise, the RVP had more important things to do and never showed up. My DM stopped by and left without allowing me a chance to talk to him. He thought he had escaped. Knowing very well that his cell phone is never out of arms’ reach, I called him immediately after his departure. “Hey boss, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you while you were here. I have a couple of questions for you, do you have a minute?”

The ensuing conversation was pretty much what I expected. Still no concrete answers. Lots of errs and uhs because I caught him off guard. The conversation ended with him promising to talk to the RVP and have an answer for me by the end of the day. At 6pm I was about to head home and still no call from my DM. Hmm…so I called him before I left and got his voice mail. Strategic use on his part of the classic avoidance tactic. Well played!

Fast forward to the next day…10am, call the DM, voice mail. 12pm, voice mail. 2pm, voice mail. Finally, around 3pm he returns my call, but with no answer. Instead, a request for me to send more information. Nice stalling tactic. 

I spent the afternoon putting together the info he requested. Finished it up the next morning and sent it off. A few hours later I get a call. “Sorry, Jeff. Looks like the manager trainee program is on the back burner until at least April. Maybe longer.” Wow! I went through all of that to be told the program is axed for now. He knew this from the beginning so why not just tell me from the start. So now I’m unable to hire and train a replacement, which they stated I had to do in order to get promoted. Stuck, right where I started.

Now we get to the good part. Going through all of this has helped me decide to move on. I no longer care about getting the promotion and won’t be working harder and longer trying to get it. I’ve scaled back my hours, decreased my productivity, increased the length of my lunch breaks and even left work four hours early on Friday! I’m feeling loads better already! No more special projects, no helping out other departments or clubs. This coming week, and those following, will consist of doing just enough to get by and focusing my efforts on my new future.

I’ve decided to follow my dream of owning my own business. I’ll stay at my current job while I get started, but West Coast Tri is finally moving from the drawing board to reality. I’ve got the support of my friends and family behind me and nothing to stand in my way!


One thought on “Corporate Pawn: Part 2

  1. yay yay yay! Good on ya, matey. Hey Jeff, since I don’t thinkyou’ll be in Godzone in Feb,I will be seeing you in March for Mom’s 60th B-day back in Santucky. We must do lunch…Peanut is now a Brazil Nut and running, jumping, talking, laughing, and getting into endless mischeif. Fun times! Good job on taking care of you before taking careof the corporate beast. I knew there was a lion in there somewhere…

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