Life Happens Fast

I haven’t blogged for awhile. Life has come at me so quickly over the past few weeks that I just didn’t have time to share it with the world. Here are some recent and random highlights from my life.

This weekend was really the first time I’ve had to sit down, do nothing for a bit and process what’s been happening all around me, to me, in my head and in my heart. To follow-up on my last blog, “A Love So Deep,” everything has worked out perfectly. We are both so happy and looking forward to a lifetime together. My worries and fears have been resolved and now I feel a strange sense of calm. I’m following my heart and have taken my own advice (as well as that of others) to live for today. There are no guarantees in life and we might not be here tomorrow so live with no regrets (easier said than done).

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I’m actually excited about it this time around. I’ve never been a fan of the retail world forcing me to spend twice as much for flowers, chocolates and jewelry just because it’s February. This year however, I’m okay with it.

New catch phrase for West Coast Tri, “Do something about it.” This works in so many situations…you want to do a triathlon, you hate your job, you’re overweight, you’re unhappy in a relationship, your car keeps breaking down, your dog pees in your closet everyday, you don’t like my blog…”do something about it.” We all have control over our own lives. We just need a reminder to take action. T-shirts will be available soon at

My buddy has decided to join the CHP. Told him he has to grow a mustache and wear aviator sunglasses starting now. I’ve been trying to help him prepare for the physical training assessment. We went out to El Cap High School to run at their track because one of his tests is a 500yd run. To pass he must finish under 2:30min. I beat him of course. Finished in 1:45! That’s just over a 5 1/2 min mile. Not too shabby if I have to say so myself.

I feel like there’s so much more to tell, but we’ll save some for next time (have to keep you coming back somehow). 😛


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