The Proposal

I have never been more nervous or anxious in my entire life than I was today.

I awoke feeling anxious and the anxiety just continued to build until I could barely speak, my hands were shaking uncontrollably and I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest. All this anxiety over asking my sweetheart just one question. One question that would change both of our lives forever…”will you marry me?”

She said YES! I knew that she would and yet I was still so anxious. A celebratory shot of Stoli Razz was definitely in order to calm the nerves. And my hands still shook for about two hours after popping the question.

But now there is a sense of relief. Finally we can relax. The life altering proposal had been hanging over our heads all week. Ever since I spoke to her parents, old school style, and asked for her hand in marriage last weekend. Now we can get back to being ourselves and just enjoy it and each other. Neither of us could stop smiling all day. I know I’ll be smiling all week.

I can now call Denice, my fiance. It feels odd to say it in regards to me and my life. It’s always been a word referring to other people’s lives. It feels good to say it and is so odd at the same time.

Anyway, enough for now. I am exhausted. I will have to blog later with details of the past week…the conversation between her father and I, the ring shopping experience, the waiting for the ring to be ready, the proposal preparation…so much has happened.

Oh, random thought, one to blog about also…I rode a horse for the first time yesterday. Good times!


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