The Pre-Pre-Proposal

Let’s take a step backwards to Superbowl Sunday…romantic, I know.

So we’re sitting on my couch watching the game (not really paying attention though) with my buddy Stephen. Talking, joking, generally having a good time. Denice is playing with a box of those candy hearts with the words on them, you know, they say things like “luv u,” “fax me,” “be mine.” Well she finds one that reads “marry me.” She handed it to me and said, “this is what you’ll ask me someday.” My immediate response was, “you’re right, I will.” I think she thought I was just playing along, but I really meant it. I whispered to her that I wanted to tell her something later. The whispering was so that Stephen wouldn’t hear because he was already about to vomit at how cutsie Denice and I were being.

So later on, after the game and after Stephen had left, we revisited the whisper. I remember looking deep into her eyes (I get lost in them quite often) and said in a very matter-of-fact tone, “I’m going to marry you.” This led into an entire conversation about how we had both been thinking the other was “the one.” Yea! It felt so good to be on the same page and have those feelings reciprocated.

When you know, you just know, so why wait? Exactly one week later I was buying a ring and asking her father for her hand in marriage. More on that next time…


One thought on “The Pre-Pre-Proposal

  1. Looks like you weren’t paying much attention to the Superbowl. Here I was, half way around the world lamenting the fact that Kiwis don’t believe in tater skins, buffalo wings, guac, and other special Superbowl Sunday fare (perhaps because it’s already Monday here?) and you were fixated on your lady. Yay! Good on ya, mate. From a woman’s point of view, you’re a 10 if you’ll go for the gal over the game! See you in 10 days…can’t wait to meet the new “Shelia”.


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